One of UMLSC’s main goals is to prepare you to apply machine learning algorithms to real-world tasks, or to leave you well-qualified to start machine learning or AI research. The final project is intended to start you in these directions.

UMLSC conducted ‘Demo Day’, that allowed students to showcase their final projects to an esteemed panel comprising researchers and industry leaders from universities such as CMU and MIT, and companies such as Google and Octane.

The projects were ranked on the basis of Intellectual Merit, Execution or Experimental Discussion, and Presentation.


1. Twitter-bot

Joe Datz, Jhagrut Lalwani

Data Collection and Classification of Sports Injury Data using Twitter [Presentation]

2. Namespace

Shwe Han*, Tanish Sawant*, Muskaan Chopra, Anshul Gupta (* represents equal contribution as first authors)

Sarcasm Detection using Different Machine Learning Approaches [Presentation]

3. MLScouts

Saahil Rachh, Priyambi Hiran, Shrey Parekh, Devang Shah

Image Classification System for Identification of SAARC Countries using their Flags [Presentation]

All projects

(in no particular order)

1. UPS

Sarthak Ojha

Denoising Diffusion-based Image Super Resolution [Presentation]

2. The Amigos

Akshay Gupta, Anant Dev, Muhammed Shariq Nawaz, Gaurang Raje

Research Paper Recommendation System using Document Level Embedding [Presentation]

3. Brats

Nemil Shah

Brain Tumor Segmentation using Attention U-Net [Presentation]

4. Hyper-Parameters

Saili Myana, Sai Rithvik Kanakamedala, Jahnvi Bhagiya

DengAI: Predicting Disease Spread [Presentation]